Jesus was led by the Spirit

“Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.” Matthew 4:1

Understanding the eminent nature of His ministry, and the temptation to come, Jesus followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. Can you imagine that Jesus, with full knowledge of what would unfold in the next 3 1/2 years, did not rush into ministry, but waited in prayer?

Waiting is always painful especially when you have confirmation and knowledge that what you are praying about is approved.

Jesus knew his mission but humbled himself in prayer and waiting.

Sometimes we ask God, why do I have to wait so long?
Why does it seem like those who put in less effort is more successful that me?
Why doesn’t the church or the leader recognize my calling?

I have learnt that we should replace the why questions with prayer and waiting.

I have come to understand that there are situations that I must experience in order to be ready for God to use me.

There are steps to follow, in sequence, before God elevates.

As a child of God every experience is designed to prepare me for the task ahead.
Therefore, I will wait in the presence of God. Here is what I do:
• I must wait in prayer.
• I spend adequate amount of time praying and seeking God’s directions.
• I should stay in the presence of God where I will not be interrupted.

Why should I wait in prayer? This attitude prepares us, it causes us to be tough enough to hold on even through the rough times, it makes us soft enough to bear with those that are weaker than us and it clarifies the mission thereby helping us to stay focus.

Lord while I do not understand all I am going through, help me to wait on you in prayer. I need to stay in your presence uninterrupted. Help me not to resist when you are leading me to wait in prayer and to remain in your presence.

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