The giver of life

John 3:13-18

Form a young man until now I have had this burning desire to preach the Gospel. Back then, I was not educated in the theological meanings or arguments surrounding my faith but I knew that:
1) God love us
2) He gave His Son to die for us
3) Jesus came to earth born of a virgin name Mary
4) He demonstrate His power, He die, rose, ascended and promise He will return for those who believe

That message transformed my life and I was going to share it with as many people as possible. Jesus the life giver has extended his hands to everyone.

Today, everyone is seeking for any solution to eternal life. Modern technology has allow for so call “fountain of youth” but even that ends, there is just so much stretching the skin will take, age will eventually say enough. But there is a solution to this problem, Jesus!

John 11:25 states that he who believe in me, though he may die, he shall live.

This is the Easter message.

This mission that Jesus was on was to bring eternal life to everyone. This eternal life is restoration of a broken relationship with God.

We experience on a daily basis beginning of life and ending of life. In the business world, technology, science, sporting competition, nature and education this is evident. We are conditioned to think that everything and everyone has an end therefore it is not natural to see that death is limited.

The message of the gospel is about the giver of life, eternal life. We should shout this as loud as we can to everyone we can and in every place we can. The point is this, even though I will succumb to death and all the consequences of death, there is a promise that I will live again. I will live in a place where these ills of life will no longer exist.

Jesus always uses life given statements to describe his mission. I come that he might have life comes to mind (John 10:10). We should develop this attitude and cultivate a new vocabulary that speaks life instead of death. The message of the cross is about grace, God loving me regardless of who I am and all I have done and continue to do. This message is about a lively hope, this message is about abundant life, and this message is about a secured future in Christ.

Let us use all we possess to speak life into others. Say to someone “though you might die, you shall live” and if you suffer for His sake you shall reign with Christ. Remember life and death is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). When we speak positive things we are speaking life.

The reality is that we who live in this life will suffer and eventually experience death. Death can mean entrance into eternal life with God (heaven) or eternal separation from God (hell). Depending on where you will end up, death/suffering have a different meaning to you in this life.

Note carefully that this prospective on life and death, suffering and pain is only available to those “who believe in me (Jesus Christ)”. Therefore, death is not a point of finality for the believer, it is just the beginning of life.

Lord thank you for providing an opportunity that I could experience eternal life. Help me to speak life and not death to those you place into my life. Lord provide opportunities for
me to share this life giving story to those that have not yet accepted this message.

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