Can God Interrupt Your Schedule For His Glory

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Luke 1:26-38

History has demonstrated that God is always seeking to interrupt our lives to accomplish his Divine purpose. In the process of interrupting and us not resisting he releases blessings.  Sometimes these blessings come in ways of miracles. I strongly attest to the fact that when we allow God to use us, even in our broken, busy state, not only does his will manifest but also we are recipients of divine blessings. Just as he interrupted Elizabeth’s bareness and reproach he wants interrupt your bareness.

We should understand that we could be serving faithfully, performing all that is required of us to advance the Kingdom and still not accomplish some of our dearest desires. So many believers are serving God faithfully but are living in the shadows of their unfulfilled dream.  Some persons have given up on hope and have resolved to remain in their position of reproach and unfulfilled dreams.

There are some persons that have resigned from their service to God declaring that they are left alone with unanswered prayers.  They lament how can I serve God when my problems are ever present. It is worth noting that Zechariah was still faithful in his service, he never stopped serving.  In the end a lifetime of barrenness and delayed answers to his many prayers, God showed just in time.  He was going to break his unproductive state to be the father of the forerunner of the Messiah.

Let us not allow our years of living in the valley of unanswered prayers prevent us from walking into the new year of production. Sometimes the length of our unproductive years places us in a state of disbelief.  It has not happened yet why would it happen now?  The reason is this, God is in charge; he will do what He will, in his timing.

God want to also interrupt your productive season as with Joseph and Mary. In this area of your life things are going according to plan. Progress is seen and there is at least momentum. Mary unlike Elizabeth was in the prime of her life.  Her future looked great.  She had a man that loved her and wanted to marry her.  They were in the stage of preparing for this wedding and God stepped in and asked her to help in advancing His mission.

Can God interrupt your period of prosperity?  Can He step into your seasons of hope and expectancy? Can He interrupt your planning and blissful moments?

To some degree it is easy to allow God to step into our barrenness but when things are going good, that is a different story. Let us understand that this was not an ordinary interruption.  What God was asking Mary to do, in her position, means she could loose her life.

God wants to interrupt your period of barrenness and or prosperity, will you let him. When God step into your life, in order to advance his mission, the residual effects is that our lives are forever changed for the better. Will you allow him to use you in order that his mission can be accomplished here on earth?





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  • This was an answer that I said “Yes lord you may interrupt my life for your glory as a matter of fact it’s a honor I say totally yes to what you want to do through me that you will be glorified.

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