Arrival 2019: Follow my site for updates on my trip to Israel.

I will post updates on my trip here. You can follow me on this fantastic journey. I made it safely to Israel, and the tour is going fine. To see the Bible in living color is indescribable. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Day 1- Here are the Places that we visited on Thursday – 3/21/19

Here are the Places that we visited on Thursday – 3/21/19

—Caesarea – Paul preached to Agrippa

— Mt. Carmel where Elisha called fire from heaven

— We had Falafels for Lunch (chicken)

— Nazareth ( 2 churches: Where Jesus Read from Isiah, Where the Angel spoke to Mary, and where the crowd tried to throw Jesus off the cliff) 

We saw the valley of Megiddo where the final war will be fought at the end of the world (Armageddon).

— End in Tiberius at Sea of Galilee

Day 2 Tour – Here are the places we visited on our second day 3/22/19

Our tour – Jordan River

Day 3 of our tour Caesarea Philippi

Day 3, Saturday 3/23/19

Today was another amazing day. As you can tell each day, we are focusing on a Hebrew name for God. Today we are concentrating on the name El Elyon (The Most High God) – Or you can say the God of the heights.

Our journey took us to: 

– Karazim

– A shoe factory in a Kibbutz community (A Collective community unique to Israel).

– Driving by the Golan highs

– Tel-Dan the discovery of the old city of Dan

– Caesarea Philippi where Jesus asked His disciples, “who do you say I am?”

– We had lunch at a Druze community 

Day 4 of My Spiritual Journey-Shiloh

The name of God we are focusing on today is YHWH-Ro’i  – Lord my Shepherd.

Today is Day 4 of what has been one of the most moving moments for me so far.  It is challenging to explain what I felt today as I spent time at Shiloh. What began as a tour, for me, turned to a more spiritual and reflective time. Combined with the two stories at Bet sheen and Mount Ghiboa made Shiloh’s experience more moving.

Day 5 – Spiritual Journey

Our Hebrew Jehovah Maccaddeshcem – “the LORD your sanctifier” (Exodus 31:13) 

Today we finally got settled in Jerusalem. The focus of the journey was about reviewing Hezikiah’s wet and dry tunnels in the City of Jerusalem. The wet tunnel ended in the pool of Solomon. Next, we went to the Wailing Wall and other sites around the city. We concluded the day after spending time at the Pool of Bethesda. At each of these stops, we read from the scriptures relating to that specific location. 

No matter you will face as you pursue a relationship with Christ keep going forward. In the end, remember that Jesus is a healer. He works on his timing.

Day 6 of My Spiritual – Shepherd Fields

We began the day visiting Mount Hebron, the burial place of the patriarch. Travel the way of the patriarch into Hills of Rachael. We spent time overlooking Shepherd fields where the angels visited the shepherds.

Day 7 of My Spiritual Journey

Today’s Hebrew name is El Shaddai – “The All-Sufficient One”. We took a break from the sites in Jerusalem and visited the Dead Sea valley, En Gedi and Masada. En Gedi It was at this site that Saul stopped for a while as he was chasing David. While king Saul was in a cave, David when in and cut a piece of Saul’s clothing. 

Day 8 of My Spiritual Journey

This was a remarkable day. The entire journey reaches the climax. Jesus of Nazareth came to Jerusalem as the sacrificial Lamb. From the House of Caiaphas and Upper Room, we visited the pit where our Savior was held overnight in darkness. We also saw the Valley of Blood, where Judas hanged himself as well as the hills of Golgotha. I entered the garden tomb to see the empty tomb and confirmed with my eyes. Jesus is not here; he has risen. 

Final Day

Today is the last day of this fantastic journey. We set out for Jericho going the path that is called the Wadi Kelt. This is the path that Jesus would usually take from Jericho to Jerusalem (Luke 19). Wadi Kelt is the path based on three reasons. Travelers typically take the route where there is water, where there is kosher food and where it is politically possible.

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