Thank You Pastor

Merry Christmas

I have had the great pleasure of working with pastors from different denominations and diverse theological and doctrinal positions. I have walked away with great admiration for pastors. We have pastors that genuinely care about advancing the Kingdom of God. Pastors are often grouped with a general classification, good or bad. Looking from the outside in, you might not get to see the heart of the pastor. Those pastors I connect with are leading churches of various sizes. In my experience, they are pastors with a passion, commitment, excellence spirit and do not want to fail at their God given assignments. Pastors I connect with love God and love people. They might have different emphasis, but the gospel is at the heart of their ministry.

Throughout my Christian walk, I have come to embrace the David principle, when dealing with pastors—Don’t touch the Lord’s anointed.

We need to recognize that our pastors are humans—Not from a position of excusing and condoning sin but understand that they have needs just like the congregants. I am not encouraging the Rap Industry “bad boy principle”—the more shots, the more prison stays the more impressive the street credibility. I am suggesting there is a need to give pastors a break. We should recognize that our pastors hurt just like anyone in the church, they are not always operating at 100%, and they do need your encouraging words.

The portrait that is on television is not the general portrait of pastors with whom I am connected.

Look to your local pastors as examples, as they follow Christ. If you think they are not examples, pray for and encourage your pastor rather than cut him/her down. Pastors have different leadership styles. I believe most pastors enter the ministry for the right reasons. We should be conscious of the fact that Satan has placed a huge bull’s eye on pastors. Their mistakes and sins are amplified. Respect your pastor and the office of the pastor but do not treat them as gods. Provide a support mechanism for your pastors. LOVE your pastor.

  • When last have you called your pastor and prayed for him/her?
  • When last have you encourage your pastor?
  • When was the last time you spoke against your pastor instead of speaking a word of encouragement to him/her?

During this Christmas season, take a moment and thank God for your pastor. Take a moment and pray for and with your pastor. Make an appointment to see your pastor and surprise him/her by just praying for them, instead of asking for help or counsel.

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